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  • Capital for Commerce 2014: Fuelling growth through non-bank lending

  • Grant Thornton UK commissioned research to get to the heart of issues on financing and opportunities in non-bank lending and spoke to 110 UK-based, mid-market companies and 100 non-bank lenders that have or are looking to lend in the UK. The research shows that appetites for non-bank lending are stronger than initially thought. Non-bank lending has progressed rapidly from a fringe activity to one widely considered normal by corporates, with an increased variety of product options previously only available to large corporates.

  • 10 preguntas clave en materia concursal
    Los expertos de concursal de Grant Thornton han elaborado "10 preguntas clave en materia concursal" para explicar las principales dudas acerca de este proceso, ya sea desde el punto de vista de una empresa acreedora como el de una empresa con problemas de insolvencia.

    10 Consideraciones para el cierre del ejercicio 2011
    Hemos recopilado en un documento los 10 artículos de nuestro blog sobre el cierre del ejercicio 2011 para facilitar su consulta.

    Tracing hidden assets and net-worth analysis
    Despite their increasing sophistication, there are methods for gathering evidence that can help with prosecution of the white collar criminals.

    Post-acquisition disputes and net working capital
    Learn about seven common accounting trouble spots and ways to protect against post-deal headaches and costly litigation.

    Navigating uncertainty: a framework for understanding patent values
    This article tackles the complexities of patent profit contribution ratios, predictable and alternative patent value sources and the framework guidance that can be used to derive competitive advantage.