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Business leadership 2014: uncovering modern trends

The role of leaders in creating successful businesses and driving growth is crucial in any industry or market. This unique report draws upon International Business Report (IBR) data collected from business leaders across the globe on their opinions on the characteristics that shape a good leader and the values good leaders are looking for in their teams in 2014.

Outsourcing 2014: driving efficiency and growth

In September 2013 we interviewed 3,300 business leaders in 45 economies through our International Business Report, the world’s leading mid-market business survey, to better understand attitudes to outsourcing: Why and what functions are businesses outsourcing? What is preventing businesses from outsourcing? And how can these obstacles can be overcome?

Chief Audit Executive Survey 2014: Adding internal audit value

Grant Thornton US' fourth annual survey of more than 400 chief audit executives (CAEs) from U.S. organisations finds CAEs are facing the realities of a greater compliance burden.

Aspectos financieros y fiscales para 2011

La gran abundancia de novedades normativas, nos obliga a convivir con dudas de interpretación que debemos saber minimizar, garantizando que el área financiera y otros departamentos cuenten con el conocimiento necesario que asegure que toda la información financiera de la organización refleje dichos cambios o novedades. A través de este dossier trataremos de exponer y clarificar una docena de aspectos contables, fiscales y financieros de interés para la gestión de su empresa.

Succeeding at succession

Although succession planning can be simply defined as the process of transferring the control and ownership of a business, developing and executing a succession plan is not nearly so simple.

Strategies for success in today’s competitive life sciences market

Commercialization for life sciences companies is a continuing challenge. But strategies such as selecting appropriate investors and identifying critical expertise will improve their record of success.

Financing your strategy

As we begin to emerge from recession, the challenge of how to manage your business through uncertainty and into a brighter tomorrow is still very real. We surveyed 150 CEOs and CFOs from UK based mid-market businesses on their views and experiences of planning for, and financing, growth.

Business planning: navigating the global downturn

This report examines the strategies that PHBs can use to make ‘big decisions’ to help survive the economic downturn in the longer term with the aid of good business planning. Innovation, cost cutting and pricing strategies emerge as the three most successful initiatives for boosting profitability. Each strategy is examined with practical advice provided for successful planning in such uncertain times.

Managing cultural change to drive productivity and profit

A Grant Thornton white paper for manufacturers and distributors that explains the culture change process—its advantages—and some of the key considerations you need to think about before embarking on the path of rebuilding a culture that’s more productive, profitable, sustainable, goal-oriented and data-driven

Fraud in the economic recovery

Amid signs of recovery, businesses are readying themselves for renewed growth. Many are hoping to take advantage of opportunities that arise from the flow of federal stimulus money. Others are looking for a chance to snap up struggling companies or distressed assets. What some may not be prepared for, however, is a potential increase in fraud.

Gobierno Corporativo

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: a necessity not a choice

    Businesses are demonstrating that well managed corporate responsibility actually supports business objectives, especially amongst large corporations where improved compliance, reputation and relationships has been shown to increase shareholder value and profitability.

  • Sustainability goals and reporting

    This report gives insight on the current state of sustainability reporting among SEC registrants and highlights unregulated proposals and frameworks. The data comes from in-depth interviews conducted by Financial Executives Research Foundation Inc. (FERF) and Grant Thornton.