Informes de perspectivas sectoriales

Los informes sectoriales que cada año publica Grant Thornton analizan en profundidad los principales sectores a nivel mundial, así como las previsiones para el año, proporcionando a las empresas una práctica herramienta que les permita reforzar sus ventajas competitivas.

Hotel investment 2014: finance on a different level

The financial crisis has given birth to a superior environment for hotel finance. Lenders learning from past mistakes have undergone significant changes and are ramping up their levels of sophistication. The report outlines key elements hotel businesses need in their proposals to attract funding and finance in this new environment.

Microclimates of opportunity: Real estate & construction in 2014

Developers, property companies, investors and homeowners suffered disproportionately during the financial crisis, but now, finally, expectations for profitability, jobs and orders are all on the rise. House prices are climbing in key markets such as the UK and the US, but the market is in no way uniform. 'Microclimates of opportunity' reveals investment is being channelled into cities and regions, rather than countries with even certain areas in economies that suffered badly in the recession, such as Spain and Ireland, becoming attractive again.

Time for a new direction: Fighting fraud in construction 2014

The presence of fraud and corruption in construction can take many forms all of which inevitably increase costs and, in the case of bribes, inflate the contract price. However, fraud does not have to be a cost of business. The report says that more construction companies need to wake up and recognise that fraud and corruption costs, in terms of profits and a company’s reputation. It’s a real threat to growth.

Food & beverage study 2013: Hunger for growth

The food and beverage industry is poised for growth around the globe. After years of uncertainty, industry executives are once again looking to invest in new products, capacity, distribution channels and markets. ‘Hunger for growth’ examines these trends and offers perspectives on how executives can manage change and sustain profitable growth by understanding the new industry landscape. 

Previsiones sector de la aviación 2012

Como prácticamente cualquier industria, la del transporte aéreo ha sufrido el impacto de la crisis económica iniciada en el 2008. El tráfico de pasajeros se redujo un 2% como consecuencia de la peor desaceleración de la economía mundial de las últimas seis décadas. La previsión a largo plazo cuantifica en 30.900 aviones nuevos las entregas para los próximos 20 años, valorados en 3,6 billones de dólares.

The implications of the April 2010 oil spill on deepwater exploration and production

This paper outlines the ramifications of BP’s Macondo well disaster for energy exploration and production (E&P) businesses. The prospects of drilling and operating in the Gulf of Mexico are uncertain, and E&P companies must grapple with a host of proposed regulatory changes. These companies will also face higher borrowing and insurance costs, as capital providers and insurers demand a higher risk premium for deepwater exploration activities. Significant regulatory changes in conjunction with a repricing of deepwater risk will have a drastic long-term impact on deepwater operators.

Middle East Healthcare Guide 2009

La guía de Grant Thornton sobre atención sanitaria en Oriente Medio analiza las cuestiones que afectan al sector, analiza las inversiones en sanidad de los gobiernos e identifica oportunidades para inversores privados.