Doing business in Spain

Let us be your partner in getting started.

We can help you with all those services you need to get a flying start, including accounting, tax, audit and outsourced services.

Concentrate on your core business

Outsourcing non-mission-critical operations is natural. Especially when you are establishing your business venture cross-border and want to concentrate on your core business. At Grant Thornton, we help companies (subject to any professional incompatibility regulations with other services) with everything from company formation, accounting advice, international tax issues, outsourced tax, accounting, payroll services and, in certain cases, we take over the entire finance function on an outsourced basis.

Professional services and close relationships

When expanding your business in Spain, you need a professional services firm that appreciates close relationships, regular communication and a friendly, easily accessible service from their business advisers.

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A guide to business relocation in Europe

There are a number of reasons why commercially a group may consider relocating part of their operations, but it is also important to understand the tax consequences.

Our guide to business relocation in Europe outlines what type of activity is commonly relocated and the benefits of doing so. The publication profiles key locations within Europe which are popular destinations for business relocation, explaining the reasons for their popularity and summarising key commercial and tax factors to be taken into account when relocating.

This guide contains an overview of the commercial and legal benefits of the jurisdiction, the holding company and IP holding regimes, as well as expatriate costs and planning opportunities for the 10 key holding company locations as well as key issues to consider in 16 other European territories, including Spain.